NOC Engineer

# Requirements
1 Utilize and maintain global security infrastructure and other related technologies (email hygiene, encryption, intrusion prevention systems, anti-virus, firewall, network access control, unified security console, etc).
2 Responsible for the monitoring, maintenance, compliance and improvement of the Firm’s security systems, global security policies and procedures, standards, and guidelines to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.
3 Perform audits to ensure compliance with global standards and security best practices, including but not limited to Retina, SourceFire, Symantec, McAfee Endpoint Encryption, Cisco Infrastructure, Windows, Active Directory, Exchange, InterWoven, PGP, TACACS, RSA, RADIUS, and Cisco MARS.
4 Monitor Intrusion Prevention System alerts, correlate information and escalate any network security issues.
5 Will be responsible for configuring network monitoring tools to the network setup to enable pro-active management of the network.
6 Will perform periodic security checks on server and network infrastructure setup.
7 Proactively research and monitor for information on or regarding security exploits and vulnerabilities.
8 Prepare reports and other summaries communicating assessments to various levels of management.
9 Document and automate tasks via scripting tools including but not limited to Visio, VB Script, and .Net.
10 Assist local, regional and global IT staff in troubleshooting network security issues.
11 Maintain the practice of continuous improvement and education by attending seminars, training, etc.